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Best Building Service Ltd. will help to convert your loft!

A full loft conversion in the traditional sense would mean installing a master or guest bedroom with en-suite bath or shower room. That would arguably give the best return on the investment, and would be at the higher end of the budget.

As many more people are now working from home, an increasingly popular loft design is the home office, fully kitted out with cabinets, storage and wiring for all telecoms. If you're creating this kind of space in your loft, you may wish to include design features such as desk-high electrical sockets.

Turning your loft into a playroom or teenage den might be a way of accommodating the children, and with more grown-up children staying at home for longer, this could be an invaluable use of the space.

Even a simply boarding out the attic space and installing a good access point, a robust loft ladder and lighting to create a basic storage space can make your property more appealing when you come to sell. Every house should at least finish their loft in this way, before thinking about moving. It makes the property more saleable, as almost everyone who moves does so because they need more space.